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ET Year In Review 2014 – Nov/Dec

We here at Elefant Traks want to say farewell to 2014 in style. After all is said and done, it was a big year, a great year for the artists and for the label. Albums were released, gigs were played, shit was real. Thanks 2014, you were alright.

Elefant Traks Year In Review 2014 – Sept/Oct

The music released on Elefant Traks is made with truth and soul and provides an alternative to the mainstream so while these columns are a self congratulatory pat on the back for us, they are also a big fat thank you to you guys. Thanks for the support dudes! - Joelistics

Elefant Traks Year In Review 2014 – May/June

As far as naming your daughter after a month, May and June are pretty safe bets, somewhat old-school but good solid names nonetheless. They are also names deeply indicative of The Elefant Traks label. Let me explain.


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