Elefant Traks Year In Review 2014 – Mar/Apr

March and April are the months where the engine starts to hum. You’re still adhering to those New Years resolutions, you’re still not smoking, still jogging and going to the gym regularly. March and April are the months when you look around and say to yourself ‘Ok, we’re really doing this’ and you high five yourself and kiss your pumped biceps and climb in to the year like it was pair of tracksuit pants, which is exactly what Elefant Traks did, they climbed in to their 2014 tracksuit pants in March and April like this…


Joelistics ‘In The Morning’ Video + In The Cold Light Of The Morning Tour

I know Joelistics quite well and he expressed the mission statement for the In The Morning clip as: “make something stark and simple that relies on a single well shot performance”. Who knew that the star of the clip would be a quivering nostril hair in the very last shot. He also announced a national tour with Dialectrix and N’Fa Jones.


Sietta Announce The Invisible River Album Tour


Armed with a bass, an acoustic guitar, an MPC 1000, a laptop and Caiti’s sky-tearing voice, Sietta announced their six date tour to promote The Invisible River. Starting in Darwin and finishing in Hobart, Sietta did a top to bottom run of the country spreading the love and enticing audiences to shake their love junk to the sounds of the new record.

­Astronomy Class Release ‘Astronomy For The Masses’

The first single from Astronomy Class‘s Mekong Delta Sunrise album was a reminder of what makes AC great. Solid production, on-point flows from Ozi Batla, and a vibe that paid tribute to the old school while updating it with new flavours. As far as trying to cater to what radio was programming, Astronomy Class demonstrated a zero-fucks-to-give policy and instead followed their own flavour down rabbit holes yielding strange and wonderful re-contextualisations of this beautiful thing we call hip hop. If you need reminding of the beauty, Astronomy Class help you over stand it.


Jimblah Launches Phoenix Album

Phoenix (released in 2013) is one of a small handful of albums I’ve ever seen receive a 5 star review. It was dubbed historic and ET themselves called it one of the most important albums they had ever been involved with. It was moving, impassioned and personal and brother Jimblah laid his heart on the line, speaking on topics with authority and wisdom, blessing the album a moral backbone and a melodic depth. Off the back of tours supporting Urthboy and Horrorshow, Jimblah launched the album in Melbourne and Adelaide and gave Phoenix its wings. Jimblah was also a late but welcome addition to the Groovin the Moo line up in Oakbank and set the audience on fire. Figuratively.

Hermitude Drop ‘Ukiyo’ and Announce Tour Dates in UK & Germany 

Ukiyo means ‘floating world’ in Japanese and also refers to a style of woodblock print that depicts the hedonistic pleasures of urban life. The Hermitude track of the same name puts you in the mind of a relaxed Sunday afternoon at a party with chilled out Samurai and friendly Geishas drinking margaritas on a beach in the tropics, watching mutant humanoids jamming on 808s and electric cowbells whilst saying ‘yeah brah’ to each other. Hermitude released Ukiyo on Soundcloud and it’s since been reposted, shared and worshipped, clocking up more than 3 millions plays. Yeah brah!

­Astronomy Class Release Second Single ‘Four Barang In A Tuk­-Tuk’

Make no mistake – This track is a banger. Not in the traditional sense and not in a triple j way (and they still added it to their playlist). The vocals of Srey Channthy (The Cambodian Space Project) make it a hard chorus to sing along too but the beat doth kick and Ozi doth rap his ass off. Easily my favourite track off the album. ‘Barang’ is a Khmer word that means ‘whitey’. One can assume the ‘Four Barang’ in the title are the four members of Astronomy Class who are also the mind altered protagonists of the surreal and psychadelic episodes outlined in the song.

Record Store Day: Hermitude ‘Alleys To Valleys’, ‘HyperParadise’ (Hypercolour Vinyl), Horrorshow ‘Inside Story’

Record Store Day is a perfect example of how the music industry is not always killing itself. People still want art, they still want music, and they still want to support the people who make it. It’s easy to put yourself into a depressing spin if you’re an independent musician but the release of Alleys To Valleys and Inside Story is something to take heart in. Both albums are old. In fact Alley To Valleys is Hermitude’s debut album and Inside Story is Horrorshow’s second release. It goes to show that there is a a market for things that are built to last.

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Astronomy Class Release ‘Mekong Delta Sunrise’ 

What to say about Mekong Delta Sunrise? Where to start? The artwork – Dale from Elefant Traks outdid himself with the design, encapsulating the character of the project and paying tribute to its eccentric central idea. The Music – Both a traditional hip hop album in its construction and a radical reconfiguring of its sonic elements. Australia is a part of Asia, Paul Keating knew it and Astronomy Class know it. The raps – Ozi Batla is known for effortless flows and superior storytelling, with Mekong Delta, he takes the listener on a backpacking trip through ancient and modern Cambodia staying true to a vision to tell stories that illuminate us, all of us. Bravo lads.

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2SERFM Feature Album
★★★★ Herald Sun
★★★★ “…overflowing with original ideas …Mekong Delta Sunrise makes clear that Astronomy Class has a deep respect for the country that has inspired its third—and best—album.”
– The Australian
“A cross-cultural experience of rare sensitivity” – The Music

­Joelistics Premieres ‘Everyone Everything’ Video

Joelistics once said never trust anyone who writes about themselves in the third person and then quotes themselves. He also said he did a lot of acid in high school and it was an experience that helped him momentarily extend beyond the realms of his own subjectivity and glimpse a universal reality that encompasses the enormity of the universe and the elasticity of time. Coincidently, so did the director for the video for Everyone, EverythingTim Parrish who did a fantastic job mashing together a video collage of all things weird and wonderful. Hats off to Adam Curtis too.

Hermitude in UK & Germany

In 2012 I was lucky enough to accompany Hermitude to a notoriously awesome music festival outside of Berlin called Fusion Fest. The festival was held on the site of an old Russian airfield and all the stages were in semi underground airport hangers. It was Hermi’s first time playing shows in Europe and they played a kicking set that sent the audience into a frenzied state. By the end of the festival, after much cocaine and good music, we all watched the sunrise from the top of a hill and it was lovely. I believe I was lucky enough to glimpse the beginning of a long standing and healthy relationship of mutual appreciation between Hermitude and Europe which came to fruition in 2014.

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