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Herd producer, laptop operator, keys, clarinet & accordian.
etraks roles: boring business stuff.

Traksewt is a gamer. He will play any game, even really boring ones.

Pre '98 history of Traksewt involves lo-fi bands, and clarinet teaching.
Traksewt the artist name starts in '98. After getting inspired after doing a small-scale compilation CD of friends, Traksewt whipped up the eLefant traks label which quickly turned into a collective style mass of friends.

Traksewt's first released electronic trak was 'Small Letters' on the first release of eLefant traks, a compilation called 'Cursive Writing' which was released in Dec 98.

Quickly following that, sewt released Nostos on the 2nd eLefant traks release - 'Food to eat music by' compilation, which did very well for an independent release at that time (Apr 99).

Did a trak for the Freaky Loops 2 compilation CD under 'The Herd' (the first use of the name) with just Snapsuit and The Switch (aka unkle ho).

During this time, sewt wrote the Dase software, which allowed musicians to jam over the Internet in real time.

In 2000, he reverted back to the glory days of the drum kit, and joined up with fellow eLefants Ozi Batla, Toe Fu, and Rok Postya to form the dub group 'The Dahltones'.

When Toe Fu left the state, and the Dahltones were left in limbo, sewt started the group Dase Team 5000, initially to showcase the Dase software to the Australian Computer Music Conference 2000. The software was found to be very usable in a live environment and by adding MCs and more live musicians, the Dase Team grew to the size of 8 people. Dase Team 500 has now evolved into the live outfit 'The Herd'.

After battling running an independent label in this country, Traksewt decided to hold a gathering of independent labels to share information and networks. Seb Chan (Sub Bass Snarl) was a keen bean to help and the deadly duo started the National Independent Electronic Labels Conference 2000 (NIELC). It was on again in 2001 and following years, and called Sound Summit (

Post the initial NIELC conference, traksewt and many other eLefants took off to a holiday house in the central coast, and they recorded The Herd album. Here Traksewt finally got back to writing music and he produced (and co-produced) 6 of the traks on the album. He also produced a remix trak for the Fourplay remix project, 'Digital Manipulation' with the trak, 'lily pily drive (hoof mix)'.

Traksewt co-hosted the eLefant traks radio show, 'The Peanut Spell' on 2SER ( from 2000 to 2002, with eLefants Tim and Richard. The show focused in unreleased and new material from oz labels.

Sewt also co-hosted Pirate TV ( - the nintune initiative, with fellow eLefant Alejandro from 2000-2002. The 2 hour a week show featured different oz artists and visual artists each week.

Since then, he has written 'Last Chance' for Urthboy's album (Distance Sense of Random Menace), and written numerous tracks for both 'An Elefant Never Forgets' and 'The Sun Never Sets'.

When on tour, Traksewt enjoys NL Texas Holdem - mainly because its a game that others are interested in playing.


No upcoming gigs yet.