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Featuring a younger trio that would make a big part of the Elefant Traks label, Explanetary were predominantly Blue Mountains bred. Luke Dubs and Elgusto from Hermitude played keys and drums respectively, while Urthboy was on vocals. The other members included Realistix on vocals (and sometimes production), No Mumbles aka Nug on vocals, Aja Stuart (sister of Elgusto) on bass and DJ ALF on cuts. Explanetary started with Urthboy and Realistix and they contributed two songs to the first two Elefant Traks compilations - while the full band delivered Elefant Traks with its first EP and its first live hip hop release.

Explanetary were hard at work on their second EP, featuring a more developed, richer sound, when distraction took the members in different directions, including Hermitude and The Herd. Realistix is a producer/rhymer as solo artist and in local Sydney group Trackmarkers. The lost EP is just that, lost.