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Jane Tyrrell

Jane is a self taught singer, whose music background crosses through a number of genres. Her experience in Jazz session singing, Blues, Funk, Folk, Spoken Word, Traditional African and Hip Hop gives you the sound you hear today.

Currently, Jane lives in Melbourne as a practising visual Artist (Graduate of the V.C.A. 2005 in Printmaking), yet is often in transit with The Herd. She plans to relocate back to Sydney N.S.W. in 2007 to be closer to the Elefant Traks action, and to conclude her Visual Arts Teaching Degree.

The Herd
Jane is the most recent addition to The Herd though she has known them for several years. She was invited to join the group after special guesting on the The Sun Never Sets in 2005 (Under pressure, Can’t Breathe and We Can’t Hear You).

Fire Kites
Based in Newcastle, Fire Kites are a 3 piece Post rock/Indy/experimental/Jazz outfit currently working on a debut album due out end of 2006. Jane’s lead vocals feature on a number of tracks and she will appear at selected shows around Australia in the future.

Blades of Hades
Originally based in Newcastle (currently based in Melbourne); Blades of Hades are a five piece Hip Hop group that featured Jane on vocals along with three MCs; Kid Lyrical, Wizardry and Dusk during 2001 to 2005. There are two releases by the group, the self titled debut Blades of Hades (album is no longer available in shops), and This Instalment due to be released in 2006.

Based in Newcastle; 9 piece Acid Jazz/Funk band Chi actively played the local circuit in and out of Newcastle 1999 to 2002, with Jane on lead vocals and percussion.

A supporting spot at a festival in 2000 introduced Jane to African/U.S based group Panjea who were touring Australia doing Gigs and workshops. After attending a workshop in Traditional African Dance and Percussion, Jane was encouraged to special guest as a dancer and back up singer for a selection of shows promoting the groups album Knowledge Devoid of Wisdom.

Mid 2000 she travelled to Zimbabwe for three months to pursue an intensive Dance, Percussion and singing workshop organised by Panjea’s front man Chris Berry. There she was taught traditional methods by exceptional local performers and took part in numerous performances.

Upcoming projects include a special guest spot on Astronomy Class' debut and a solo collaboration with Hermitude.


No upcoming gigs yet.