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Unkle Ho - Roads to Roma


Release code: ACE018
Release date: 25 Apr 2005
Format: CD+MP3
Cover Art: Kaho Cheung


CD+MP3 - $20.00
MP3 - $9.99

Unkle Ho - Roads to Roma

* MP3 files are 320kb. CD includes instant MP3 download.

Elefant Traks presents the debut album from The Herd producer Unkle Ho

From a smoke-filled coffee house somewhere years from here comes the debut solo album from The Herd producer Unkle Ho titled Roads to Roma. This is a genuinely enchanting album of broken beats, drawing upon Unkle Ho’s panoptic approach to sampling and listening.

Eastern European gypsy wails mingle with Arabic harmonies whilst dancehall and hip hop rhythms jostle with folk, dub and indie backdrops to create the unique spirit of Roads to Roma. Like any true herdsman, Unkle Ho carefully shepherds his musical species without succumbing to the recklessness of mashed up genre leftovers.

Guesting on the album is fellow member of The Herd: Urthboy, recent Quannum signings Apsci, and live collaborator Senator Jim (formerly of pioneering ‘90s Oz hip hop group Fathom).

Unkle Ho designed all the artwork, the website and the addictive barrel jumping flash game that accompany this release – see An eye-popping animated video clip has been created for the first single Grace of the Guru by Tom Spiers (‘Love and Imitation’ - Infusion).


'Unkle Ho brings his obvious musical experience to the songwriting and production table - and boy does it show...masterfully slick production, this is easily the best Elefant Traks release yet.' **** Rolling Stone

'contender for album of the year...contending for super star status is the debut from The Herd producer, unkle ho - it is very good.' Tim Ritchie - Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

'Intriguing and entertaining' **** Bernard Zuel - Sydney Morning Herald

'This album is fantastic and is extremely well produced...will remain just as relevant in five years as it from now' Blaze - 3D World, Sydney

'another feather in the Oz hip hop cap...what could have so easily become a cluttered mess of sounds works like it was all born to intertwine'

'an essential and quirky place to visit' Cyclic Defrost

'eclectic and accomplished' **** The Brag, Sydney


1 Grace of the Guru
2 Eureka feat. Senator Jim

3 Shoot From the Hip feat. Urthboy
4 Thriller Run
5 Rock the Damn Kremlin feat. Apsci
6 Diabolical Dual
7 Slavgnostik

8 A Scottish Tale
9 Hanky Panky
10 The Lost Forest
11 Prayer

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