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Unkle Ho - Subterranea


Release code: ACE047
Release date: 3 Jul 2009
Format: EP+MP3
Cover Art: Kaho Cheung


EP+MP3 - $10.00
MP3 - $4.99

Unkle Ho - Subterrania - EP

Welcome to the wonderful upside-down world of Unkle Ho, and his perfectly unconventional new EP Subterranea.

Neither poker-faced sophisticate nor court jester, Unkle Ho is the cloaked host from the future, entertaining a grand ball from the past. Predominantly electronic but enhanced with live instrumentation and a cut and paste aesthetic, Unkle Ho has evolved again, elevating the groove of each composition. The same folks that kicked up their heels to the sounds of Roads to Roma and Circus Maximus will have five more reasons to seek out Subterranea.

In his first release since moving to Jakarta, Unkle Ho introduces a Latin feel, an increased synth presence and some infectious vocal samples. Never fear, his beloved tubas, trumpets and violins merrily swing in the mix.

Internationally, Unkle Ho’s reputation grows, securing licenses on multiple labels in various countries in the last 12 months – there is no one like him.

Subterranea is released as a limited edition ‘softpak’ CD (only 1000) and for download through all digital outlets.


1 Kindergarten

2 Lime Juice

3 Sarsaparilla
4 Subterranea
5 Joy and Luck

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