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Horrorshow - The Grey Space


Release code: ACE041
Release date: 16 Aug 2008
Format: CD+MP3
Cover Art: Nick Bassett & Kaho Cheung


CD+MP3 - $20.00
MP3 - $9.99

Horrorshow - The Grey Space

* MP3 files are 320kb. CD includes instant MP3 download.

Elefant Traks presents Horrorshow and their debut album ‘The Grey Space' - a record that has seen this young hip hop outfit create a genuine buzz amongst industry insiders and fans like.

Elefant Traks last signed a new artist in 2006 - perhaps this explains their excitement at presenting Horrorshow: an unexpected but head-turningly impressive young hip hop outfit from Sydney.

Rising from hip hop's tremendous undergrowth, Horrorshow hold the twin talents of style and effortless at their fingertips. Vocalist SOLO is equipped with deft lyricism and melodic flow, holding court with heartfelt melancholy and redemptive optimism - cushioned with dry humour. Producer ADIT has composed beautifully paced, confident beats - partnering the lyricism with flair in mood and colour. Both contributed to multiple tracks on the debut SPIT SYNDICATE album ‘Towards the Light'.

‘The Grey Space' relies less on guest appearances, though peers and friends JUST ENUF & NICK LUPI of Spit Syndicate and FAME provide memorable performances.

Perhaps the greatest quality of Horrorshow's debut album is how unforced it seems - as if their potential is only slightly revealed despite its instant likability.

'Elefant Traks wasn't expecting to release anything around this period because we're flat out - but Horrorshow demand your attention with sheer class and promise - we couldn't refuse,' said THE HERD's URTHBOY.


1 Uplift
2 Waiting For The 5.04
3 Choose None feat. Just Enuf

4 The Party Life feat. Nick Lupi
5 Days Past
6 Dire Straits Pt.1
7 Celapram
8 All Summer Long
9 Put It To Your Head feat. Fame
10 No Rides Left

11 The Headline
12 Note To Self (No.81)

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