Circus MaximusUnkle Ho


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Release Date: 12 May 2007
WELCOME TO THE BEWITCHING AND ENCHANTING FICTIONAL WORLD OF UNKLE HO, AND HIS WONDERFUL SECOND ALBUM CIRCUS MAXIMUS. IT FOLLOWS ON FROM HIS LAUDED DEBUT ROADS TO ROMA, ACCLAIMED BY ROLLING STONE AS “BEWITCHINGLY BEAUTIFUL ★★★★”. Circus Maximus is set in rollicking speakeasies and celebrated in the dank underbelly of old-time 2007. Vivacious maidens run wild with youthful rogues who connive against heartless lawmakers where rule of prohibition threatens love, life and liberation. Unkle Ho transports us to another time, conducting samples, orchestrating live double bass, clarinets, harps and violin in clandestine arrangements that play out in side alleys of towns - where hip hop governs the streets. Opening his arms to ancient Asia, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean and the Middle East, this inner-western Sydney lad had to travel to China to tie it all together. Perhaps best known as producer and founding member for unpredictable hip hop crew The Herd, Unkle Ho produced, mixed and designed the artwork for Circus Maximus. Herd bandmate and captivating chanteuse Jane Tyrrell features on ‘Bally Broad’, whilst twisted bohemian troubadour Mikelangelo, is a kindred gypsy spirit in ‘On My Way Home’. Playful with a suggestion of something sinister: its fresh blood in music hall regalia, coming to take over the party.