Food to Eat Music ByVarious

Release Date: 1 May 1999

eLefant traks release a new compilation “food to eat music by”, the follow up to their first compilation “Cursive Writing”.

food to eat music by is the culmination of independent Sydney hip-hop, electronic and experimental music, representing the freshest of Australian produce. While the sixteen artists on the compilation come from various musical traditions, all are trying to do something new and original with their work. A record number of 600 people attended the food to eat music by launch at FRIGID, Globe Newtown, on Sunday May 2.

food to eat music by, now into its second pressing, has got national publicity through various television, radio and magazine networks. It has been the feature album on the national shows Alchemy TV, SBS Radio, and JJJ Radio. The film clip for ‘Rachel’s Meadow by Deep Child’ will be shown nationally on Rage, Channel V, and MTV. It has been album of the week and is still in high rotation for 2SER underground radio, and it has been supported by 2FBI, Eastside Radio, Radio DEX, Radio Skidrow, 3RRR, 3PBS, 5RTR. It also got international exposure by being on the play list of Beat Patrol BBC radio.

eLefant traks is a collective formed in mid 1998 to provide fresh local artists with encouragement and exposure. Whilst providing entertainment, the label also views music as a vehicle for expressing social consciousness, and many of the tracks reflect this commitment. eLefant traks debut compilation, Cursive Writing, sold out in a matter of months. eLefant traks CDs are distributed independently in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Byron, & Melbourne for $18 rrp.