Summerland (Vinyl 2LP)The Herd

Release Date: 12 Jul 2008
CONTINUING THEIR SELF-PROPELLED UPWARD TRAJECTORY, THE HERD ANNOUNCE THEIR FOURTH ALBUM – A MELODIC OPUS CALLED SUMMERLAND. Summerland – a mythical place where the term ‘relaxed and comfortable’ thinly veils something sinister, something complex – in which a bright joyous celebration is tempered with a threat. This is where The Herd flourishes – that space between joy and and melancholy, the absurd and the sinister. The album prospers in this mix: musically, with strings and horn arrangements; drums, guitars, basslines; rhymes and singing – and thematically with the widely varying subjects of the 14 songs. From the deeply affecting ‘Kids Learn Quick’ to the raucous ‘2020’; from the heart-felt ‘Time to Face The Truth’ to the light-hearted ‘Zug Zug’. The eight band members represent a variety of cultures and influences, creating a unique formation of songwriters. The notable presence of Jane Tyrrell continues the evolving sound of The Herd’s music – lovingly devoted to headphones as well as house parties, and wholly in preparation for the rowdy live shows to come.