Joyride: musician, performer, DJ and social maverick... one of the biggest personalities in Australian music. His work with the One Day Crew and The Meeting Tree has seen him nominated for an ARIA and play some of the biggest events in the country – from major festivals like Splendour In The Grass to the immensely popular One Day Sunday block parties.

The release of ‘Kings and Queens’ last year saw him step out on his own, immediately receiving praise from the likes of Triple J, Pilerats, Pedestrian, The Music Network and more. That was in no small part thanks to the single’s vibrant melodies and barbed, politically charged lyrics, as well as its fantastic accompanying video.

“I wrote this on a day where I was feeling particularly upset about how the powers that be are hamstringing our culture, vibrancy and diversity,” says Joyride. “F*ck them. A community derives its worth from the entire sum of itself, not just the self-appointed top tier. If you come for our happiness, why can't we come for yours? I was particularly cross that day, I guess.”

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