Alleys to Valleys (CD)

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Ceremoniously burn all your downtempo records, the album that redefines the genre is here.

Rising above the saturation of mediocrity, Hermitude reignite the possibilities of beat production with their debut album Alleys to Valleys. The duo deliver an hour of elaborate yet subtlely constructed musical ear-meals. Prepare yourselves to dig this.

Hermitude consist of Luke Dubs (keys) and El Gusto (drums/DJ/programmer). Dubs is a renowned keyboard maestro in the Sydney jazz and hip hop scenes. His diversity ranges from forty piece swing bands to hip hop and electronic outfits. elgusto, at the tender age of 20 has a musical resume which includes national tours with Paulmac, DJing with The Herd and travelling to Cuba to learn percussion from the greats.

In 2002 their debut 12” EP Imaginary Friends was released on elefant traks to critical acclaim (***** 3D World). Since then they’ve toured with The Herbaliser, 2Dogs, The Herd and The Bird.

In Alleys to Valleys, El Gusto’s beat programming, percussion and scratches take you from laidback lazy Sundays through to prodigious drummer boy cruising the city’s back alleys. Dubs assumes co-pilot role lashing the tracks with melodic riffs and keys, dripping hip hop and jazz like grease. The two interchange roles like stupidly talented children. It’s playful; it’s bumping and arse shaking; it’s a double-shot comatose bliss. Also featuring on the album are Ozi Batla & Urthboy (The Herd), and Joelistics (TZU).

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