Bardo State (Vinyl 2LP)Horrorshow


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Release Date: 24 Feb 2017

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Horrorshow invite you to join them in the Bardo State, their highly anticipated fourth album, when it’s released on Feb 24.

On Bardo State, the duo explore themes of death, love and existence, investigating the spectrum of personal change that maturity brings to adulthood.  It’s the sound of a refreshed and inspired Horrorshow; the production is ambitious, and in its usual uncanny way perfectly houses the eloquence of the lyrics and melodies.

The album title references The Tibetan Book of the Dead (or Bardo Thodol) and the duo wove concepts of the text into the album making process. It’s been fleshed out with some great collaborations including Hayley Mary (The Jezabels), Turquoise Prince, UK artist Dan Caplen, Omar Musa, Freddy Crabs (Sticky Fingers) and Kai (Jackie Onassis).