Dark Night Sweet Light (CD)

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– includes Limited edition Hermitude Lace Jewels
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Hermitude embrace high expectations and a fast-growing international fan base with the exquisite Dark Night Sweet Light, the highly anticipated follow up to their Australian Music Prize-winning, HyperParadise. The electronic duo reach new heights with set of songs that simultaneously illuminate brightness and celebrate darkness.

That their shared creative vision is so tightly locked is almost uncanny, most likely stemming from their lifelong friendship. Dark Night Sweet Light sees them innovating in the ever-evolving world of modified vocal chops and the constantly shifting sounds of future beats. Those intricate arrangements that have always separated Hermitude from the pack are deeper than ever, Latin rhythms weaved into hip hop and pulsing dancefloor beats underpinned by brilliant percussion and vibrantly colourful synths.

The album is made up of bold and bright movement. The opener ‘Hijinks’ is like a machine awakening, gaining speed quickly to to full throttle on the banging ‘Through The Roof’ and ‘Searchlight’, pulling back to the restrained and beautiful ‘Ukiyo’ and ‘Hazy Love’ and finally ending with the provocative and arresting ‘Searchlight Reprise’. Dark Night Sweet Light is an album that will surprise, intrigue and satisfy in equal measure. 

With the duo signing a worldwide deal with Nettwerk Records2015 is shaping up to be a game changer for Hermitude.

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