Echoes In The Aviary (Vinyl LP)

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Echoes In The Aviary is the stunning debut album from Jane Tyrrell.

Playing out like a series of intricate vignettes, Echoes in the Aviary ventures deep into the juncture where indie and electronic meet the warmer soulful tones of Tyrrell’s timbre.

Album opener Wild Waters caught the attention of music lovers with a hybrid sound of sorts. It set the tone perfectly, for this dynamic body of work with Jane’s arresting vocal tones taking centre stage over a simmering backdrop of understated melodies and percussion. Lead single The Rush is a fascinating follow up single with a much bolder sonic impression. It tell’s the tale of incompatible love coming into full clarity after the initial thrill wears off.

Jane Tyrrell’s approach to songwriting has a strong emphasis on the link between aural and visual imagery. This is something that has been influenced by her work as a multi-faceted artist whose disciplines include fine art, art direction and design. Her evocative delivery is enhanced by the meticulous attention to detail of collaborators Dustin McLean(Axolotl), J.Walker (Machine Translations), Richard Pike and Laurence Pike (PVT) and producer Pip Norman (Sparkadia). Collectively, they employ a masterful use of instrumentation and percussion to create a beautifully vivid underscore.

Echoes In The Aviary captures the passion and adventurousness of Tyrrell and her fluency across a range of genres. It’s that understanding of music, and the utterly compelling presence she has on stage with acts such as Firekites, Horrorshow and The Herd, that has swept up fans here and abroad.

A bold and accomplished first offering, Echoes In The Aviary is a testament to Jane Tyrrell’s inspired artistic vision.

Echoes In The Aviary is out October 17 on Elefant Traks.