Push featuring Taj Ralph

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The new Horrorshow single

Horrorshow explore the bittersweet nature of possibility in their uplifting new single ‘Push’.
As the first welcoming notes of the piano ring out, Horrorshow take us into the last moments before a loved one is farewelled at the departure gates. The melancholy of parting is softened by the understanding that it’s the right thing to do. There’s a tension that exists between adolescence and adulthood, and the acceptance that the things that are important can leave us with difficult decisions to make.

“You’ve gotta pick a path, and stay true to whatever’s in your heart
And if that means that we’ve gotta be apart, well there’ll be days when that’s going to be hard, But we’ve got to try and…”

Taj Ralph’s angelic chorus has a wide-eyed innocence, like a soaring rush of wisdom from a gentle place. The collaboration was an unlikely one; spawned by a chance encounter as Solo walked by the now 16-year-old Taj while he was busking in Sydney’s northern beaches. The buzz around Taj is growing and his performance on ‘Push’ illustrates exactly why.

‘Push’ gets close to the heart of Horrorshow’s new album (due early 2017), where the transition between young and carefree and growing up and
getting real is more pronounced.