Sunrise Chaser CD

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This is just the Sunrise Chaser CD.

Jewel case with an 8 page booklet. Put it on your shelf. Use it as a coaster. Play it. It’s good.

1. On The Level (feat. Sarah Corry)
2. Kings And Queens
3. 6am
4. Love Yourself Enough To Celebrate Yourself
5. Aunty Tracey’s Cookies
6. A House We’ll All Forget
7. Blue Batmans
8. Stay Awake
9. Stay Awake (Reprise (feat. leftprojects)
10. Cut And Run (feat. Bree Tranter)
11. Lost Art Of Conversation (feat. Nina Las Vegas)
12. Hate Is Such A Strong Word (feat. HANDSOME)
13. Digital Rocks
14. Woke Up Like This
15. Underwater

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