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This is a limited edition CD copy of THE WAVE EP.
Housed in a 4 panel folder with full colour artwork it will only be available here and at shows.


‘THE WAVE’ is about learning from our mistakes, celebrating our imperfections and recognising our eternal journey of change. 

OKENYO describes the work further, “I am always pushing myself into places of vulnerability in my work in order to discover who I am in this world and how I can continue to navigate it. I’m scared, I’m strong, I’m funny, I’m weak, I’m searching, I’m magic on certain days of the week.

The Wave is an expression of a time that through music, can outstay time”

OKENYO offers the newest taste of the EP with ’20 / 20’, a raw and telling manifesto. In the video, the artist/actress digs deep into her own experiences, laying her flaws bare; her vulnerabilities are inescapable while the viewer witnesses a powerful and relatable performance of letting someone go. We watch on as OKENYO rides the wave deep, the music her saving grace. 

Producing and writing the EP with Lionel Towers, the work is unique in its textures and unveils an artist of musical integrity and technical finesse. Excited to bring this work to life, OKENYO will celebrate the release of the EP on her first national headline tour.

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