Voyager (CD)

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The TZU frontman penned the album whilst living and travelling across China, Mongolia and Europe.

Armed with a laptop, he wrote all the music on old headphones whilst riding the Trans-Mongolian railway, transiting through airports; and a winter in a one bedroom flat in the Montmartre district of Paris.

Joelistics has always drawn on influences from a wide variety of sources. As a solo artist his sound is grounded in the boom bap of hip hop whilst keenly revisiting his love of beat poetry, shoe-gazer electronica and folk to create an album that is both introspective and electrifying. Entirely self produced with few guests, Voyager concentrates on themes of travel, modern world paranoia and growing older.

Fresh from a successful tour with The Herd, Joelistics will soon embark on another voyage; supporting Lowrider on their national tour starting this May.

First single ‘Glorious Feeling’ is out now.

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